July 8, 2020

TK Coleman


  • A process of doing what you don’t know how to do while you don’t know how to do it. If you want to sing, stop singing in the shower and do it in-front of a crowd. Having something at stake will magnify the results.
  • Optimal way to approach learning is to learn by (1) following curiosities, or (2) as a way to approach a problem that’s of personal interest to you. Otherwise, you’ll just forget. 

Balance vs. Specialization:

  • If you think you’re balanced because you’ve studied a bunch of stuff, you’re not: it just means you have no idea how much you don’t know, know a little bit about a few things and not enough to be of value to anyone. 
  • It’s not possible to be one-dimensional if you dedicate yourself to something because you’re picking up lots of different skills and cultivating different talents in the abstract, e.g., judgement, self-management, selling, etc., applied to your specific focus. 
  • Approach learning by addressing specific problems and curiosities, not simply because you “might need it in the future.” Engage in specifics first and then go to study the thing in the abstract, e.g., engaging in a specific idea first before going to study critical thinking in the abstract.


  • Your curiosity is like the blob: feed it and it will expand and you’ll have more and more things that you become curious about.
  • Feeding your curiosity:
  • See story of Richard Saul Wurman, founder of TED.

Devil’s Advocate vs. Angel’s Advocate:
It doesn’t help the devil when you challenge people to think critically about what they believe. So if you’re challenging someone’s position, you’re an angels advocate. 

Being the fool in someone else’s story, and a hero in your own:
Story of the family dog who’s chasing a frog around the backyard. It’s full of tall grass. The son is inside the house and all he sees is the dog running around and jumping, looking like a complete idiot. The frog represent your goal. When you’re misunderstood you’re in the company of every creator, innovator and dreamer and sometimes looking like an idiot in someone else’s story is the price you have to pay to be the hero of your own.

Die Empty (Dr. Miles Monroe):
The richest place in the world is the grave for all the unwritten screen plays, songs, ideas are there. Give expression to as much of your potential before your time is over.

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