July 3, 2020

The Alchemist Structural Outline

Structural Outline

  • The Lake Cries Over Narcissus 

Part I 
Setting: Andalusia (Spain)

  • Awakening to A Recurring Dream at the Abandoned Church
  • Falling in Love
  • A Priest-in-Training Who Dreams to See The World
  • Santiago’s Father’s Advice 
  • To Tarifa 
  • The Dream Interpreter & King Melcheizedek Disguised
  • Personal Legend
  • The Wisest Man In The World And His Spoon 
  • King Melcheizedek Reflects

Setting: Tangier (Morocco)

  • Santiago’s Gold Is Stolen
  • The Smiling Candy Seller
  • The Crystal Merchant
  • Santiago Works For The Crystal Merchant

Part II

  • Santiago & The Crystal Merchant Discuss Dreams: Opposites
  • Business Success
  • Business Plan Succeeds
  • Leaving The Crystal Merchant
  • An Omen Strengthens His Resolve To Continue
  • The Englishman
  • Santiago Meets The Englishman

Setting: Sahara Desert

  • A Caravan To Al-Fayoum, Egypt
  • Alchemy
  • The Differences Between Santiago & The Englishman
  • Camel Driver’s Philosophy Of Living In The Present
  • Santiago In The Present
  • The Alchemist

Setting: The Oasis

  • Caravan Arrives at Oasis
  • The Search For The Alchemist & Falling in Love With Fatima & The War Omen of Two Hawks
  • Santiago Tells Chieftans of Omen
  • Santiago Meets The Alchemist & Is Tested
  • War At Oasis & Santiago’s Prize
  • Visiting The Alchemist
  • The Alchemist Tests Santiago Again
  • Farewell Fatima

Setting: Sahara Desert

  • The Alchemist & Santiago Begin The Next Journey
  • Listening To The Heart & When The Heart Stops Speaking
  • A Lesson About Treasure
  • Captured By Tribesmen
  • Santiago Must Perform Magic To Survive
  • The Next Test
  • A Prayer To God
  • The Alchemist’s Gold At The Monastery 
  • Santiago Alone & The Tale of One Man

Setting: Pyramids

  • Arrival & Theft At The Pyramid Results In Discovery of Treasure

Setting: Andalusia (Spain)


  • Treasure Is Under The Sycamore Tree Of The Abandoned Church
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